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July 1st through the 31st

July is here and it's basically done.

We did the walk through with the contractor on Saturday morning. We came up with about a dozen items.
The only major one was the front door. The rest were mainly a few things where the sub-contractor was
a day or two behind. And one that was something of a mis-communication. They normally don't include
weatherstrip on the sides of the garage door to seal them, but I pointed out that I had paid extra for insulated
doors, and a HVAC system for the garage so I would sort of expect it to be weathersealed in that case.
As it's relatively minor they are going to have those installed.

Here is the list of what is left to do:

We're going to stop by the evening of Tuesday the 5th and try to get some better pictures of some
rooms we've skipped until now.

We should have the appraisal to go with the loan by Tuesday the 5th. If that works out, the loan office
will come up with a closing date for us. The contractor figures everything except the front door will be done
this week, and they should know what will happen with the door.

They are estimating the week of July 18th for us to close and take possession, although at this
point that is just an estimate.

More to come!

We've closed on it, but haven't had time to take pictures. Here is one of the outsidel

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