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March 1st throug the 31st

Wednesday March 2nd. Another shot of the sign and progress.

They filled the trench in the day before. Window wells are in, and plumbing is roughed in in the basement.  03/02/16

Friday evening at twilight, so the pic is a bit grainy from the low light. They dug the deeper spot in the garage too far
over, so the orange paint that you can barely see is where they will be digging it out to correct it. This extra deep
concrete is where my car lift will be located.  You can see Tooele off in the distance.  03/04/16

The concrete has been curing and they put the floor joists in during the next two weeks. For whatever reason we
didn't get any pictures right at that point. Starting up again on Saturday March 19

We have walls! it's 03/19/16

The front walls seen from inside.  03/19/2016

From the backyard. 03/19/2016

The shot from across the street.  03/19/2016

Mark, standing in the garage. The ceilings are just over 13 feet to allow for a vehicle lift.  03/19/2016

Another shot from across the street. We have the start of roof trusses.  03/21/2016

They finished the steps into the house from the garage.  03/21/2016

Trusses across the Breakfast Nook Bay.  03/21/2016

Our reference shot from across the street.  03/23/2016

Starting to get interior walls. Lots of shadows late in the day!  03/23/2016

And the street shot, now showing all the roof sheathing on.  03/24/2016

Back of the house.  03/24/2016

We're back on Saturday, looking through the basement in the daylight.  03/27/2016

Shingles stacked on the roof.  03/31/2016

And we have bathtubs and water lines.  03/31/2016

It's the end of March, and weather is getting even better and it has most of a roof across it!

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