Mark & Joyce's new house - Page 1

Beginning through the end of February

The start:

Lot pic
The above picture was the original lot we were dealing on.  Dec 2015

2nd Lot
Some other people changed their mind, and suddenly we were one lot north of that.  02/05/16

The red paint outlines where they plan to dig. They were using a laser to determine the depth.  02/20/16

Dropping Dirt
Here he is digging the south end of the basement.  02/20/16

Hole dug
Here it is the next day after they were done digging. 02/21/16

Reference lot
Same day. We're going to take a number of pictures from this angle to show the progress.  02/21/16

The next Wednesday. The foundation is poured. Now it has to cure for a bit before they can fill in the hole.  02/24/16

Daylight 1
Here it is on Saturday in better light.  02/27/16

Mark and the dogs down in the trench looking it over.  02/27/16

It's the end of February and we're off to a good start, and weather is improving!

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