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Everything about me that you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

Hi ! I'm Mark Noeltner. I'm originally an Edwardsville, Illinois native and graduated from Edwardsville High School in 1978. I'm currently living in Grantsville, Utah (sort of an outlying Salt Lake City suburb). I work as the IT Director for the Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino. Prior to moving to Utah, we lived in Bloomington, Illinois where I was a Systems Administrator with a regional accounting firm. And before that, I was a Systems Engineer for GE Capital IT Solutions (formerly AmeriData) where I specialized in installing networks into K-12 schools. 

We moved to Utah due to it's dry climate. I'm very allergic to mold spores and the dry climate here in Utah means that there aren't that many mold spores around to bother me. It doesn't hurt that Utah also has beautiful scenery and very friendly people.

I got married in August of 1997 to a really wonderful woman named Joyce. She's also a computer specialist so we really get along well. I've never been happier! She even likes to autocross, and has learned to like cars for more than just transportation! She's actually the one who talked me into buying our DeLorean.

Computers are a hobby as well as a career for me. The reason this web page came into existence was to teach me the basics of HTML and how to build an Internet server. Now I've switched to FrontPage so that I can concentrate on learning the server side of things.

Joyce and I have our own network at home that serves as a learning tool and a test bed. It consists of a mixture of Windows NT, 2000, and 2003 servers, Linux PC's, and a number of workstations running anything from DOS, on through most versions of Windows. We've even had an OS/2 Warp system a time or two. Combine all that with a 1.5mbps DSL connection and a block of static IP addresses, and you have a pretty good learning environment. My latest addition is a rack with 4 Cisco routers, a switch, and some hubs, so that I can study for my CCNA certification.

I also enjoy cars and racing. I can't afford the big-bucks type of racing so I run autocross events. This is a run against the clock involving a single car running a course laid out on a parking lot with orange construction cones. Lots of twist and turns as well as things like slaloms. Speeds rarely get over 70mph, and most of the course is actually done at speeds of more like 30-40mph. But even though the top speed is slow it's still a lot of fun! To post a good time you have to push your car (and yourself) out to the limit. You are literally sliding through a lot of these turns! Visit the SCCA's Home page for more info! Or visit ether the Southern Illinois Region or the St. Louis Region's page if you live in the St. Louis area.

We also enjoy driving and showing our DeLorean. We attend about a dozen car shows a year with it and also drive it on weekends and on trips with the British Motor Club of Utah.

Here's a couple of pictures of my niece and nephew

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