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Buffalo Chips dot Org is located  in Grantsville, Utah just southwest of Salt Lake City. We've been here since the spring of 2005 and we love it. The mountains are beautiful and weather has been great compared to Illinois. The summer time humidity is usually around 15% instead of the 80+ % we would see in the Midwest. So even though it gets really hot, it doesn't bother you like it does back there.

We are running this site and a couple of others using Comcast Business Service. This is working out better than I thought it would, given the numerous articles bashing Comcast. We have a 50mps connection with a block of static IP addresses for the servers.   

This site doesn't get updated too much since it's only a personal and family web site.  We usually stay busy with work, household chores and stuff. So these things eat up enough of my time that I tend to ignore this site for long stretches. The buffalochips.org domain is mostly just for e-mail  and family stuff anyway. 

Other sections that get ignored regularly are the Personal Web Pages which don't get updated all that often, and the DeLorean page. Everything else will be online as soon as I can get to it, whenever that may finally be. (Hint: it's been waiting for about 8 years now!)

Family & Friends Index: This link will take you to the index for lots of pictures that we post for friends and family members. It includes auctions, new houses, old houses, cars, weddings, and old Jeeps!

2016 - Our New House!! - Updated December 18th!

Gooey Butter Cake Recipe

Thanks for your patience!

We visited Nevada and Death Valley in early November, 2002. We stayed in Pahrump, Nevada one evening and just outside of town was the Brothel Art Museum, and two houses of ill repute. Click here to see the sign for one. I no longer have it on the page as a few people were uncomfortable viewing it at work.


Check the weather in Grantsville! Click here!

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