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April 1st through the 30th

We stopped by on Sunday the 3rd, and it looks like the roofing crew was there on Saturday

They have the felt paper in, and flashing in the valleys.  04/03/2016

The rear is looking more finished as well.  04/03/2016

And they're working on prepping the driveway for concrete. A couple of the forms are in, and they are leveling
the gravel.   04/03/2016

The heating and air for the garage is in! This is an attic mounted unit, both for ease of installation, and to save floor space. 04/05/16

And, right below the furnace is the auxiliary electrical panel. It controls everything for the garage and will make it easier
to add additional circuits when I need them.  04/07/16

Single size door at the rear, double at the front. We can drive straight through if we want to.  04/07/16

The furnace and electric panel for the house are installed in the basement now. 04/07/16

We're installing our own network cabling. We went over on 4/9 and 4/10 and installed the wire in the orange boxes.  04/10/16

It's mid-week, and we have insulation and some of the windows installed.  04/14/16

Same area, but over just enough to make the picture easier to see.  04/14/16

Drywall is in in most areas.  04/16/16

Kitchen, with the breakfast nook to the left.  04/16/16

Our usual exterior shot from across the street. Windows are in for the most part. Temporary front door is in. The
permanent front door will be installed later.04/20/16

The back of the house shows more windows and doors that have been installed.  04/20/2016

The drywall mudders have been in.  04/20/16

For the rest of April all the progress was in little things that didn't really show up in the pictures very well. Also, it
rained a lot.

One last shot for April.  04/26/16

So, on to the next month!

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