Here are some pictures from the May 4th, 1997 Solo II Event at the GM Plant in Wentzville, MO. Click here for the results.

grid.jpg (32k)My Probe sitting in grid at the May 4th Solo Event.

smoke1.jpg (33k)There go the R-1's!!! $$$$ Coming out of a hairpin turn. It's floored in 2nd gear. Speed is about 35mph and accelerating.

northlnd.jpg (55k)Another shot of my Probe at the April 6th SIR Event. This is the only picture here that was not taken at the May 4th event.

mark.jpg (21k) Here I am at the apex of a hairpin turn. Although the shot looks almost as if I were parked I'm actually going about 30mph

smoke2.jpg (7k) Another shot of me smoking the tires.

smoke3.jpg (10k)Another shot a lot like the one above.

smoke4.jpg (29k)Another one. Taken just after the one on the Probe page.

finish.jpg (16k)Smokin' 'em again heading for the finish line. This one was good for a best of day 46.399 sec, which gave me 1st place in G-Stock and 9th overall on the PAX index.

mybrklit.jpg (26k)My brake lights are just visible through the tire smoke!

gerry1.jpg (22k)My main competitor in G-Stock, Gerry Hock, also runs a Probe. The one pictured was a 93 GT. He got a '97 GTS at the end of the 1997 season. In 1996 he beat me regularly. Then in 1997 he only beat me by about 5 points on the year. I was really doing well against him in 1998 but then moved before we could really tell who was going to have the best year. Good luck against everybody else Gerry!!

gerry2.jpg (15k)Here's Gerry smokin' his tires trying to catch up! I beat him at this event.

sam.jpg (24k)Here is Sam Platt, the 1995 and 1996 National Champion in B-Prepared, running his 69 Corvette. This year he's running E-Modified and has really gutted this car even more than it was before. It's totally awesome to watch him run!

bmwm3.jpg (22k)John Phillipe and his bright yellow BMW M3.

emile.jpg (22k)Emile DesRoches in his Westfield Super 7.

maupin.jpg (22k)The MaupinMobile!

wht-77.jpg (27k)

babyvipr.jpg (25k)Marty Montagno, fastest rookie of the day, in his Neon. License plate is BBYVPR.

bbyvipsm.jpg (17k)Here's Marty smoking his tires.

phinson.jpg (17k)Phil Hinson in his E-mod Miata.

yellow85.jpg (25k)

blmiata.jpg (21k)

travis.jpg (30k)Travis McMillian in his brightly colored Neon.

vw.jpg (21k)

vw2.jpg (20k)

porsche.jpg (20k)

wh-neon.jpg (20k)


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Last modified: September 19, 1998