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Comic Books:

ComicBkNet Home Page Read the latest comics industry news!

United Media Home of Snoopy, Dilbert and several other dailies.

Sherman's Lagoon Undersea based daily comic, which leads us nicely into our next subject..


Tropical Fish:

The Continuously Refreshing Fishcam!

AquaLink Aquarium products, informative articles, and an encyclopedia of tropical fish diseases. There's even a diagnostic utility to help you figure out what illness has made your fishes sick and how to cure them!

AquariaCentral More information and links to help you keep happy, healthy fish!



eWeek Online What used-to-be PC Week by ZiffDavis Publishing. They changed their name, jumping on the 'e-' bandwagon. Articles sometimes manage to be unbiased (depends on what's popular at the time).

SmartPartner Another publication from ZiffDavis Publishing. Tries slightly harder to be unbiased (doesn't make it). When it's popular to MS-bash, they reluctantly follow. When it's not popular to MS-bash, they loudly worship the great MS. And when it's popular to praise MS.. bring waders.

CNet News Often presents a nice balanced viewpoint. Unfortunately, doesn't seem to cover as much news as the two mentioned above. (Both points seem quite odd since CNet owns ZiffDavis.)

PC World Today Read even more PC news! This one is geared more towards the home user. (So techies, beware; some of the articles are a bit watered-down.)

PriceWatch Finds current prices on computer and electronic equipment from all over the web so you don't have to do much running around!

Shareware Shareware allows you to "try it before you buy it"!

WinFiles Freeware, more shareware plus hardware drivers for all versions of Windows.

McAfee, now known as Network Associates, makers of anti-virus software.. download an evaluation copy today: better safe than sorry! They also have PGP ("Pretty Good Privacy") software so you can encrypt your email messages.


Current Events:

CNN Interactive

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Headline news from St. Louis' only daily newspaper. Recently redesigned their website so it's a bit harder to find news articles. :/

St. Louis River Front Times St. Louis' weekly alternative newspaper.

The Pantagraph Local newspaper for Bloomington, IL.

IntelliCast Find out the weather forecast, follow the links for daily or 4 day forecasts.



Sports Car Club of America You've got to try autocrossing! It's fun, it's safe, it's fun, and.. well, okay, it's not "cheap", but it's reasonable! You can get by pretty cheaply if you stay in "stock" class. Ie., you compete using your normal, plain-vanilla [no aftermarket add-ons] daily-driver car. Did I mention it's fun, too?

Edmund's New or Used Car/Truck Guides Edmunds gives you a good idea what your current vehicle is worth and also what you can expect a new one to cost.

If you're seriously considering selling your car or buying a new/used one, also try these sites:

AutoSite Another car/truck buyer's guide.

Auto Trader Online Check out what cars like yours are selling for in your area. You can even leave an online ad! You'll also find links for trading boats and small planes.

and, of course, there's good ol' Kelley's Blue Book (new and used car pricing).

The Geo Storm Owner's Page. I used to own a Storm. This guy has done a excellent job with his website for Geo Storm Owners'! 


Job Searching Resources:

This section grew so large, it deserved a page of it's own. Click here to view it.


Fun Stuff:

News of the Weird Archives Things that make you go "hmm!"

The AFU & Urban Legends Archive (Unreal!)

The Darwin Awards Official Home Page (A "must see"!)

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards Free internet greeting cards. (These greeting cards are fun to create and they're a great way to perk up someone's day.. all it takes it some imagination!)

GO Greetings Free internet greeting cards for all occasions.

ActiveGram More animated greeting cards.

Home Designs Gobs and gobs of house plans! If you're building your own home, you can buy a premade plan. Or check out 3D Home Architect by Broderbund and design it yourself! It's easy and you can export your plans into a file format that's compatible with the CAD software that most architects use.

Map Quest (or, how do I get there from here?)

The Daily .WAV Cool sound bites from movies or TV shows! As an added bonus, it has a nice MIDI archive.

Music Boulevard They have a nice selection of music, a pretty decent search engine, and their prices are about normal.

Same can be said for The CD Universe but, they carry movies too. carries movies, too! You can rent 'em, buy 'em new or buy 'em used and their prices are great!

The Internet Movie Database provides a really nice movie search engine, much better than the others (search by title, director, actor/actress, etc.). They only list movies, but they give you a lot of information (cast list including some crew, director, rating, plot summary), plus there's a link to take you to where you can purchase the movie you've found.


Internet Stuff:

Yahoo! A web-search engine (my favorite starting place!)

Alta Vista Another search engine.. this one will also search peoples' homepages.

Hot Bot Same as above, with slightly better search capabilities.

Google A very nice search engine.. when it's not being a pain in the butt. It often makes assumptions (like, ignoring certain words as "too common" although they are within a quoted phrase).

Lycos Yet another web search engine.

411 Information (just as if you dialed 411 on your phone!)

What's left of Deja News At one time, an extensive archive of Internet newsgroups. It contains only messages, no binary files. Another shortcoming is that this is an "online" service unlike most newsreaders, which allow you to grab messages and read them off-line. Yet another shortcoming occurred after Google took over. Google seems to use the same "I'll assume you didn't really mean to search on that word so I'll ignore it" search engine for usenet as they do for web-searches. Another shortcoming: very limited header information. If you don't know what I mean by that, never mind. But if you do, you'll realize where that can be very annoying, especially if you follow a newsgroup that gets a lot of lame trolls who try to spoof the regulars. Last shortcoming: it's totally impossible to follow a thread. Yes, all the messages are there but you have no sense of who is replying to whom. It's like all the messages are just dumped in your lap and it's up to you to figure out their order. Deja used to show threads in a sideways tree-like structure so you could easily see the flow even if someone changed the subject.

HotMail Provides free email services, so if you move and change ISP's, your email address stays the same. Yahoo and a number of others offer the same. 

Hushmail offers a secure connection to their free email servers so crackers would have a difficult time sniffing your email password.


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Last Updated: April 27, 2001