Curious, eh?

As I mentioned, both my husband and myself work in the computer industry. We specialized in local area networks where the only thing constant is change! Yes, we are indeed nerds: Probably 60% of the conversations that we have are about computers. I met Mark at work. The funny thing was, we both thought the other person was married (he thought he saw me wearing a wedding ring.. I thought he had that "settled" look), so we'd talked a little, on and off, for two years before we figured out we were both single. 

We've got three nephews and three nieces. They are (from oldest to youngest): Jessica, Cadie, Brandon, Krystal, Daniel, and Jacob. Jessica, Cadie and Jacob are Beverly's kids (Mark's sister), Brandon's dad is Mark's brother (Michael). Then there's my sister's family: Janice (sis) and Gary (her hubby) and their rugrats, Crystal and Daniel.

My current vehicle is a Ford Escort ZX2. Before that, I drove a Geo Storm. I seem to go for the same type of car: sporty econo coupes. They've both been dark blue, too!

You don't need a race car to autocross. Most of the cars that people race are their daily drivers. I like to drive SCCA Solo II with my ZX2 because, where else can you get experience doing emergency maneuvers? Check out Mark's pages for links to SCCA!

As you can see, a ZX2 can really kick some asphalt!

I've got all sorts of weird interests.. Click here to check it out!

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UPDATE: man, it's been a long time since I wrote these pages. Over 3 years! Changed jobs, changed cars (I now have a red 2000 ZX2 S/R), even changed what city we live in but otherwise I'm still the same-old, same-old boring me.


Last updated: 08/05/2003