The Old house, it ain't what it used to be.

We tore down the old house we own in Marine, IL. It just wasn't worth the money to try to save it. A local trucking company also does small demolition work like this, so they came in and tore it down and hauled it all away in one day. We've added a couple of after pictures below.

Here are some pictures (click on a picture to see a larger version):

oldhouse01.jpg (52685 bytes) nohouse01.jpg (33018 bytes) The house is on the right behind the trees. The machine shed on the left was torn down also. The second picture shows about the same shot without the buildings.
oldhouse02.jpg (76052 bytes) nohouse02.jpg (34116 bytes) A much clearer shot of the house, and once again we have about the same shot with it gone.
oldhouse03.jpg (52318 bytes) We're keeping this smaller shed. It needs new doors and a minor roof repair, then it will be set for a few years. We'll probably paint it later this year.
oldhouse04.jpg (34808 bytes) Here's the roof repair. Water had worked it's way under the shingles and had rotted out a section of plywood. I cut it out and put in a new sheet.
oldhouse10.jpg (29414 bytes) Then I installed new shingles over that area. The color doesn't match, but it's water-tight! 
shed_door_1.jpg (59472 bytes) Here's where I was cutting in a new door opening in the shed that we're keeping.
shed_door_3.jpg (46578 bytes) And here it is after the door is mostly installed. Still a lot of trim work to do after the door is finished.
holeinground.jpg (122169 bytes) Prior to tearing down the buildings we also had to make sure that all the pipes and things going in to them were unhooked. Here is where we dug down about 3-1/2 feet to disconnect the sewer and gas lines.
generator.jpg (62723 bytes) There hasn't been electricity in these buildings for while, so we brought along a generator so we could use power tools.
oldhouse07.jpg (80031 bytes) As you can see it has deteriorated quite a bit over the years. A previous owner had added the upstairs "shed dormer", but had really only succeeded in creating some serious leaks. The foundation also needed some major work.
oldhouse05.jpg (87425 bytes) nohouse03.jpg (27198 bytes) The original floor plan left a lot to be desired and contributed to the decision to tear the house down rather that try to repair it. And the after shot looking south. No neighbors for quite a ways.

Joyce was able to drive down the day of the demolition and got it on video. I'll probably make a couple of short MPEG videos of some of the better parts.

Last modified: July 2, 2001

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