Grandma's new house in Hemet, CA

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I got the descriptions of which room is which from Dad. I hope I got 'em all right.

Dsc00505.jpg (63340 bytes) The family room has an electric fireplace
Dsc00506.jpg (62834 bytes) Seems to be taken from the family room towards the dining area. Looks like the kitchen is off to the right.
Dsc00507.jpg (63634 bytes) Kitchen area taken from the dining room
Dsc00508.jpg (62618 bytes) Living room
Dsc00509.jpg (64611 bytes) Built-in range in the kitchen
Dsc00510.jpg (60364 bytes) This is a room in an added-on section. See the outside pictures for how it is setup.
Dsc00511.jpg (61297 bytes) This is another add-on room.
Dsc00512.jpg (63901 bytes) A bedroom
Dsc00513.jpg (58443 bytes) Closet in the hallway
Dsc00514.jpg (64254 bytes) Guest bathroom
Dsc00515.jpg (62922 bytes) Master bedroom
Dsc00516.jpg (63619 bytes) Master bathroom
Dsc00517.jpg (59373 bytes) closet and a desk in the master bedroom
Dsc00518.jpg (61712 bytes) Refrigerator and a dishwasher in the kitchen. Microwave off in the cubby
Dsc00519.jpg (63617 bytes) carport and patio. Shed is at the end. Laundry is in the shed. Fairly new appliances. This would be the right side when looked at from the front.
Dsc00520.jpg (61437 bytes) Outside view of the left front taken from near the mailbox
Dsc00521.jpg (61115 bytes) The back of the house where the storage shed and laundry is.
Dsc00522.jpg (62114 bytes) This is the other side of the rear. This shows one of the add-on rooms under the awning.
Dsc00523.jpg (62021 bytes) Same from a different angle that shows up the side
Dsc00524.jpg (60668 bytes) Long view of the front from across the street
Dsc00525.jpg (62834 bytes) Front porch area